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Semi-Custom Modular Homes offered in Charleston

Semi-Custom Modular Homes offered in Charleston

Love the house but not the floor plan.  Can we make changes?

The fact is that 65% of our homes are ordered with floor-plans that are significantly different from the ones shown on our website and the websites of our Production “Partners”. Not only can we accommodate most requests for changes in floor-plan layouts but major changes can be made to the size and elevation appearance of many of our moular homes.  Over the past 40-years, enormous advances in modular engineering technology enable our clients to truly “express themselves” when it comes to both interior and exterior customization.   Our modular Production “partners” can even work with a client’s provided floor-plan and adapt it for “modularization”!

While you can expect to pay for a significant re-design or for an adaptation of a 3rd party Architectural drawing, the good news is that those fees will be a fraction of the customary fees charged by an independent architectural designer. If the required changes are minor in nature there would be no additional fee payable.

I have lost count of the number of times a couple will say “We absolutely adore the look of this house but it’s just the two of us and we don’t need three or four bedrooms”.   Here in the USA we have become totally conditioned to having “room use” being prescribed by a designer’s floor-plan description. Take the “bedroom label” away and now we have a media room, a hobbies room or an at-home office!  Maybe an unwanted “bedroom” can have one or two non-structural interior walls removed at time of construction at the Plant with the result that an adjoining room becomes much larger.

Another frequently encountered situation which is easily addressed: “We absolutely love the design of this house. However, the lot we have chosen has amazing views and we want to have our master bedroom and also the living room at the back of the house instead of the front. That way we can have a large deck with French doors from both our bedroom and from the living room”. No problem! Our Engineering team can “flip” or reverse image” most floor-plans… what appears on our published floor-plans can be accepted as-presented or customized to suit the preferences of our clients.  A vivid example of what can be achieved can be seen by going to our MODELS section and selecting Holmes Building Solutions. Scroll down for the Brunswick-I. A single story well designed ranch with 3 beds/2-bath.

To meet a client’s needs, not only was a guest powder room added on the 1st floor but so to was a 9/12 pitch roof thereby creating a 2nd floor upper level which our client can finish at some future point to provide an additional 900+ sq.ft of habitable area. Thus was “born” the Brunswick II which is illustrated above.  Also, worth mentioning… maybe you have seen a floor-plan that is ideal but you feel that the exterior design is too “plain”. We can propose an array of optional features that can transform “plain” into “stunning”. From covered porches with decks to “bump-out” bay windows, select a contrasting blend of siding styles and shake inserts and the list goes on.

At the end of the day is all comes down to the amount of money that you want to invest in the construction of your new home or the loan amount for which you have been approved by your Bank!


Call or email to schedule a meeting to discuss how best CMSSC can transform your dream into reality! Bob Corrigan 843-364-5413 or email richard@cmssc.com

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