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Modular Home Construction in Charleston South Carolina

Modular Home Construction in Charleston South Carolina


It’s taken almost 30-years of progressive development within the system-engineered housing sector for consumers to acknowledge and understand the benefits associated with having a modular home custom-built either as their primary residence or as a second or vacation home.  First of all let’s get rid of any thoughts you may have that the term modular home is somehow associated with a mass-produced and factory-assembled doublewide “trailer”.  We are all familiar with those roadside lots displaying numbers of “trailer homes” which have two things in common with automobiles: 1) Each one has it’s own unique VIN Number; 2) just like an automobile, those homes depreciate in value each year by an average 7%.  

Folks who buy such homes for installation of their lot or land discover that the only appreciatation they might get is on the underlying value of the land. It is also worth pointing out that in most cases, doublewide buyers pay a significantly higher rate of interest than if their home was a “real” house.  It is also a fact that many City and Municipal Planning & Zoning Authorities have and continue to severely limit zoning approvals for the installation of single and doublewide manufactured houses because, for the most part, their presence tends to de-value the surrounding neighborhood.

The exact opposite is true for a modular home that is built to meet the exacting standards stipulated by the South Carolina Building Code.

That is the same code by which a traditional “stick-built” house is constructed.  There are however a number of compelling advantages that our modular homes offer as compared with their “stick-built” cousins:

  • Our modular homes are structurally stronger than a “stick built” house because they contain almost 25% more timber. 2″ x 6″ end walls and 8″ marriage walls are standard specifications on our homes. Modular homes structures have to be stronger than a traditional “stick-built house. WHY? The house sections, which can be up to 76′ in length and just under 15′ in width, are loaded on to very large highway transporters for delivery to your site at speeds of up to 65mph. Then, on arrival at site, each section is crane-lifted and set on to the foundation we have previously constructed.  Try lifting a stick-built house… it will likely fall apart!
  • Your CMSSC Modular home is engineered and built in room-sized sections to exacting standards within an environmentally and climate controlled Plant. All required framing timber, roof-trusses, sub-flooring and construction components are shipped to the Plant and similarly stored in those controlled conditions.
  • Come rain-or-shine or high-humidity, your custom modular home is fully protected from the elements. Not so with a traditional stick-built home which is fully exposed to rain and air-borne pollens, mold spores and other contaminants until it is fully roofed and with all exterior windows and doors positioned and fixed.
  • Better insulation values in the roof, walls and under floor result in a more energy efficient home.

Where practical we encourage our custom modular home buyers to take a full day to visit the Plant that will be producing their home. Both Plants are located in the southern part of North Carolina and are about a 3-1/2 hour drive from the Charleston area. Plant visits are pre-scheduled on an escorted basis and take about 90-minutes to complete.

“Seeing is Believing”! Once you have seen how our homes are built you will definitely be convinced that your dream home has to be a modular-strong from CMSSC!

Custom-built modular homes? Many folks still have an impression that a modular house produced in a Plant cannot be described as custom built. WRONG! In practice, very few of our clients order a home that is a 100% replica of the floor plans or dimensions shown on our website.

Our Production partners have the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of the basic house “foot-print”, alter the position of rooms to meet the needs of a client or engineer a home based on a client’s provided design drawings and specifications.


Conclusion: Get ready to enjoy life in a new home from Construction Management Services of SC LLC!

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