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How Much do your New Custom Homes Cost?

How Much do your New Custom Homes Cost?

It Depends!

That question is the most frequently asked of me by most first time callers inquiring about our custom modular homes. The next most frequently asked question being, “I love this particular model, how much will it cost?”  Reminds of the time when, at six years of age, I asked my dad who was a physicist and a math wizard  “Dad, how long is a piece of string?”

Unlike visiting a retail manufactured home dealership with on-lot models available for immediate delivery at a specific price, a custom-built modular home is constructed in a high-tech plant from the ground up to meet the individual needs and options preferences of our customer.  Take any of the models presented on our website or on the websites of our primary Production Partners (www.ritz-craft.com, and www.hbshome.com) Each home is subject to an enormous price variance. For example, I was working on the exact same model and floor plan for two different clients and there was a price difference of over $48,000 between the two quotes!

That difference was due to the upgrade options requested by one of the two customers. Cement fiber exterior siding over vinyl, bamboo wood flooring in the living/dining and kitchen areas, ceramic tile in the bathrooms and the entrance foyer, stainless steel appliances, and a large entertainer’s deck.  Without knowing the specifics of a client’s preferences it is near impossible to provide a realistic estimate of what the house itself will likely cost.  Of course, I know what the “base” price of our homes will be per our Production Partner’s basic specifications, but that would be a very misleading figure without knowing the complete picture.  Even with a more complete picture that provides me the opportunity to present a more realistic idea of price-point to the customer there are a myriad of other costs that all come together to form a final Contract price that will be presented to our client’s Bank Lender for funding approval.

Here’s a partial list of the more major cost components:

  • Cost of land or lot on which to build unless land is already owned.
  • Cost of clearing the land (trees and overgrowth), leveling,  grading and drainage.
  • Sewer and water tap and impact fees which in the Greater Charleston area can easily amount to $7,000.

If no sewer or water then a  need for a septic tank system and/or a well. Both situations requiring a SC DHEC site examination and testing. FYI: Never purchase a lot that does NOT have public water and sewer without having a “Subject To” satisfactory DHEC test and approval permit.  If the Realtor or lot seller tells you “Don’t worry it will perk OK” BEWARE unless they can provide a recent SC DHEC Perc Test Certificate indicating where on the lot the septic tank will be placed.  A conventional septic tank and drain field will run around $4,600+ and a partially or fully engineered septic system would cost between $12,500 and $25,000 However, SC DHEC may require an engineered septic system which could cost anywhere from $12,500 and up.

Cost of the foundation? All modular homes are built on  a crawl space foundation. The BIG question being “How high must that foundation be?” Much of our area is subject to low laying coastal flood plain and the recent FEMA flood map surveys require an elevated foundation that could be anywhere from 6′ to 11′ off ground level.  Under “normal” conditions, the foundation height would be 36″ – 42″ high.  Again… your lot MUST be Surveyed and a Flood Elevation Certificate provided for our use. Cost of that exercise being around $1,800 – $2200.

By the way with regard to the above paragraph you will require a soil bore/soil core analysis  if an elevated foundation appears likely. Again, another cost you need to factor in at around $2,400+

We provide our prospective clients and customers  with a superior level of service and advice. We want to build your home and we will pave the way with absolute honesty and we expect the same from our customers. That is particularly important when it comes to your budget.. whether it be a cash transaction or based on a loan approval amount from your Lender. Without knowing that figure we won’t know if your “dream home” is possible.  Frequently, we have to “scale down” a client’s “dream” to develop a home that achieves their objectives but with fewer “bells and whistles”!

On the subject of affordability we have made the decision to introduce a line of modular homes that can be best described as offering extreme value to folks requiring a solid and well insulated structure with basic specifications and less emphasis on exterior/ interior design.

We want to build your home and hope to meet with you shortly! Please complete and submit our Online “Estimate Request ” or call Bob Corrigan directly at 843-364-5413. Email: Bob@cmssc.com

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