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The CMSSC Concierge Program

The CMSSC Concierge Program



This can be a very challenging, costly and frequently frustrating endeavor if you attempt to “go it alone” in an unfamiliar area.  Construction Management Services of S ,LLC (CMSSC) is pleased to announce their new Concierge Service Program (CCS) which is designed to guide and assist you through the preliminary stages which, if not properly addressed, can lead to “nightmare” scenarios.


Let’s start with the land or lot on which you intend to build.  If you have yet to purchase the land we can introduce you to one of our Preferred Realtors who will undertake the task of locating a lot that meets your specifications as to area, size and price. In that capacity the Realtor will be acting as your Buyer’s Agent albeit his or her compensation will be ultimately paid by the Seller.  Once you have identified lots or land that meet your basic requirements, as a “CMSSC” client we will establish whether the location is viable from a practical and budget perspective:

1: Many lots and land in semi-rural and rural areas are not served by Public water or sewer utilities. This will require that the South Carolina Department of Health & Environment (DHEC) are applied to for the purposes of conducting tests to establish whether or not a permit can be issued for a septic tank system installation… and what type of system can be approved.  DHEC charge $150 per test. Septic tank systems cost from as little as $4,500 and where a permeable drain field cannot be verified there will be a need for an engineered wastewater system with a cost range of between $12,500 – $20,000 or more.

If no Public water supply is available at the site then a Well Permit must be applied for and a Licensed Contractor will be required to do test drills to establish the availability of water, potential for sustained and adequate water pressure as well as the quality of the water. The closer to the coast = presence of salinity and, in any area, presence of odors that will require that a purification/filtration system be installed. Well with treatment system cost average $5,500.

2: The lot or land, unless already cleared of trees and brush, may require a significant expenditure over and above the cost of the property to create a buildable space.

3: A land survey needs to be commissioned along with an Elevation Certificate to establish if the lot/land is subject to specially elevated foundation requirements as established by the Federal Environmental Management Agency (FEMA).  Average cost of all surveys $2,500 and higher if a multi-acre land area is to be surveyed.  In many areas with proximity to the coastline and low laying areas by rivers, estuaries and tidal creeks, the results of the Survey may well require that a house be built on a pier or beam supported foundation that could be 11′ -12′ off ground level. Another major  impact on construction costs.

4: The land survey will also establish the possible presence of Federally protected wetlands which cannot be built on as well as the presence of certain species of  State-protected trees which cannot be felled without first obtaining a special permit.

5: Where an elevated foundation is required there will be a need to obtain a comprehensive soil test and analysis which involves a specially licensed Contractor to take a drill rig to the site and do some test borings in the area where the house will be built.  The cost is around $2,400.  The resulting soil analysis is then provided to a Structural Engineering Company who will design the proper foundation Plan needed to support the weight and dimensions of the proposed house. Cost range $1,800 – $2,450.

6:  All of the above cost-items will be paid directly by you because they should be “invested” before  you enter into a binding purchase Contract with the  lot/land seller.  Your pre-paid costs associated with Surveys, Soil Tests and Civil Engineer’s Report, and Structural Engineer’s foundation design will be ultimately recognized by your Lender who will offset those payments with an adjusted loan amount.


CMSSC’s Concierge Program brings together all of the necessary Licensed Professionals and Specialty Contractors and manage all of the needed assignments on your behalf for a “flat fee” of $2,250.   That fee is ultimately deducted from the total costs included in our Construction Contract for your new custom home.  However, using our Concierge Program Services places you under no obligation to commission CMSSC to build your new home! This Service is offered on an unconditional basis and our Company is the only Home Builder in the Charleston area to offer this needed Program.

Interested? Please call Bob Corrigan at 843-364-5413 or email: Bob@cmssc.com

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