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Adaptive Living Solutions

Adaptive Living Solutions

In transition from your Golden Years into your Silver Years?

Every chapter in our lives brings both opportunity and challenge. When it comes to aging, think in terms of each chapter as being a decade.
By the time we reach Chapters 5,  6, and 7 we’re into our fifties, sixties or seventies which means that for many of us our now adult children may be about to graduate from College or have  long since left “home” and are shaping their own lives. In all probability you are now likely to be grandparents.

If not already retired, the rest of us now have to consider our own futures as we balance our own family lives with our need to build post-retirement assets while remaining ever vigilant over the health, wellness and physical/mental abilities of our aging parents which will be in progressive and inevitable decline over the next decade or so.  Even with a quality health insurance Plan, the monthly and annual cost and expenses between premiums and co-pays can be significant. However, of much greater concern is the cost of transfer into an Assisted Living Facility which in the Greater Charleston area will run from $50,000 per year and up on a private pay basis. Those costs are based on 2013 average rates and are projected to increase by at least 7% each year.

Fortunately there are options available that can enable aging Seniors to remain in their homes comfortably and safely and, in most cases, delay the need to transfer into an Assisted Living Facility by 3, 4, or 5+ years.  Time now to consider incorporating appropriate “Adaptive Living Solutions” into your new CMSSC Custom-built home. The Adaptive Living Specialists at CMSSC will work with you to develop the most suitable strategy for the exterior and interior of your new home.  CMSSC is also able to provide custom-built “Carolina Care Cottages”. These small cottages (375 sq.ft – 795 sq.ft) can be designed to incorporate the required Adaptive Living Solutions and most municipalities will allow these structures to be installed adjacent to a primary residence with sufficient land area to accommodate the cottage.

So, if you have sufficient land area surrounding your home and want to bring and aging parent or parents to live closer to you without having to share living space or give up your own family privacy, a “Carolina Care Cottage” could be the ideal solution because at the same time it will enable your patents to retain a real sense of independent living. Or, CMSSC can design and build an “extension pod” that is architecturally compatible with your primary residence.  Adaptive Living Solutions are also needed by folks of any age who’s physical abilities have been severely reduced as a result of disease, accident, permanent injuries sustained as a result of combat or of a violent crime, or as a result of a failed surgery.  Adaptive Living Solutions include remodeled kitchens and bathrooms to provide lower level pull-out cabinets, “wheel-under” vanities, sinks and lower level cooking and working surfaces, walk-in tubs, zero threshold showers, grab bars and grab rails.  Interior doorways widened to 36” in order to allow wheelchair or mobility scooter access… hallway hand rails… non-slip floors in kitchen and bath.. high intensity lighting.. exterior ramps… interior or exterior chair step-lifts which are often needed with 2- 3  story homes and homes built on elevated flood-zone foundations… full-body weight transfer systems which are typically used to transfer a non-mobile person from bed to bath or even from room to room.  Electronic health monitoring and reporting systems are also available for use by the individual or by their visiting or attending care-givers. Information transferred instantly to a medical professional or appointed Geriatric Care Manager.

Due to the rapidly increasing population of retirees relocating to our wonderful area looking to buy a home, you can be assured that any Adaptive Living Solutions you need to incorporate for you own benefit will be welcomed by others with similar needs come the time you decide to sell your home.

Our team of referral advisors include Realtors who have qualified for their Senior Real Estate Specialist designation (SRES) and their expertise is available to those seeking to sell their existing large home in order to downsize into a home of more manageable size. If you need help in locating a lot on which to build your new home one of our Realtors will be happy to act as your Buyer’s Agent at NO COST to you.

I hope that the above information has been helpful to you as you consider your own transition, or that of your Mom or Dad, through the Golden Years and into the Silver Years.  For further information please call Bob Corrigan at 843-364-5413 or email: Bob@cmssc.com

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